Barefoot Book of Rhymes Around the Year Hb

The Barefoot Book of Rhymes Around the Year - Marc Vyvyan-Jones This is one of the books I most enjoyed reading to my children when they were little. It's a collection of lively traditional rhymes with fun illustrations, organised into a yearly round, rooted in the ancestral British soil.Each page is densely illustrated with characters from the rhymes, some crossing over or sneaking in from other rhymes, and cheeky Baby Bunting dressed in his rabbit-skin, popping up on most pages, if you can spot him!Some of the pictorial interpretations are perhaps a bit fanciful, with Green Men, Celts and shamans being very much in evidence. Every page has notes at the back should you want more information on the artist's interpretation, and a comprehensive bibliography of sources if you want to delve deeper.A beautiful, fun book which evokes fond memories for me.