Letters from a Lost Uncle

Letters from a Lost Uncle - Mervyn Peake I wish I'd read this book when I was a child, as I think I would have been as entranced by it then as I was by The Hobbit and The Chronicles of Narnia. Not that it's like them in terms of the story, plot or characters, but in its magical evocation of a new, strange world of possibilities it certainly stands with those books in my mind.I did have the fortune of coming to it in time to read to my children when they were little. It's entirely possible that I enjoyed it more than they did - time will tell.Each page is presented as a facsimile of the eponymous Uncle's letters to his nephew, complete with "genuine" typographical errors, crossings-out, drops of blood and spilled gravy (that clumsy Jackson!), and every page illuminated with Peake's fabulous, fantastical, phantasmagorical illustrations. The story is funny, thrilling, absurd, mysterious and poignant. It's a great book for parents to read along with children from 6 upwards, and is easily enjoyable by anybody of any age who is prepared to give free-reign to a childlike love of adventure and nonsense.