Full Moon

Full Moon - 'Michael Light',  'Andrew Chaikin' This is a beautifully produced book of images taken primarily from the Apollo moon missions (there's a couple from the earlier Gemini missions, too), which after 40-odd years are still breathtaking.The photographs are presented on black pages with only the image numbering as text. Captions are given for each photograph at the end of the book and, while this means much flicking back and forth on a first read, means that the images stand for themselves when you go back over them, which I certainly will.There are several of the iconic images that have entered the global consciousness: Ed White's spacewalk; Earthrise from lunar orbit; Buzz Aldrin's footprint in the lunar "soil", "Full Earth": but mostly they are taken from NASA archives which have not been widely circulated.There's a short essay by the author at the end of the book, describing how he conceived the project and the rationale for his choice of pictures to include.I don't understand how anybody could not be moved by these amazing photographs that document what is still the crowning achievement of human culture. If you think the moon-landings were a hoax, shame on you.