Tik-Tok - John Sladek 3.5 stars, if I could select a half-star.Tik-Tok is a very naughty robot who should really know better, but his asimov circuits don't work. So, instead of being an obedient and faithful domestic robot he turns his hand to child murder, gang murder, terrorist murder, broad-daylight murder, oh, and he likes to paint... and rob banks... and defraud, embezzle, extort, exploit and generally screw people over. And then things go from bad to worse, as he gets into politics.This is a very dark satire on modern society. All the horrible things that people do to each other, Tik-Tok does to us and is lauded for it. Sadly (but humorously), I think this pretty much hits the mark all the way through.So, anybody know why the first letter of each chapter runs alphabetically?