Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach, Russell Munson I vacillated between finding Jonathan Livingstone Seagull banal in the simplicity of its message and inspired. Although it definitely has flaws, I've eventually decided it's more inspired than insipid.The first part of the book has some good writing about Jonathan's love of flying, but also some very trite sentiments about being the best you can be. It sometimes reads like the slogans on those awful motivational posters, or the jingles from men's toiletry product adverts. BUT the message is undeniable a valid and worthy one.The second and third parts, in which Bach develops his themes of personal freedom and loving kindness, I found both more effective and better written. There are clear parallels with the Christ story, and also with Buddhist bodhisattvas, which gives the book some depth beneath the surface triteness.I had this book for about 25 years before reading it and I'm sorry it took me that long to get to it - I will be reading it again soon, as I have a feeling that it's a book that will grow with re-reading.