Terry Pratchett: The Spirit of Fantasy

Terry Pratchett: The Spirit of Fantasy - Craig Cabell I had intended never to own a Terry Pratchett book for the very unreasonable reason that whenever he did a book signing at Forbidden Planet at its former London location on New Oxford Street, there was a massive queue of pasty-faced, slightly overweight men in long leather coats and fedora hats blocking my way into the shop. They disrupted my comic-buying mission and ruined my plan to browse the lower-floor book section, it being off limits to all but Pratchett acolytes.Annoying! And it felt like an unpredictable, occasionally-repeated personal attack upon me by Terry Prachett (well, I did say it was an unreasonable reason). So, I've never read him - but my wife and son have, and they rather disloyally enjoyed his books, which is why I entered a Goodreads Giveaway, which I surprisingly (and ironically) won and so own this one.I suppose I might eventually read it myself, and I might possibly, grudgingly, enjoy it. But I've still got my eye on you, Mr Pratchett!