Conan: The Treasure of Tranicos

Conan: The Treasure of Tranicos - Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, Estaban Maroto, Sanjulian This is version a of Robert E. Howard's story, The Black Stranger, which has been slightly expanded and revised by L. Sprague de Camp.A rollicking adventure of pirates, savages, exiled aristocrats, hidden treasure, evil wizards, fiendish demons and, of course, damsels in distress. Through this Conan cuts a bloody swathe, but uses brain as much as brawn to enmesh his opponents in an intrigue of greed and distrust by which he hopes to divide and conquer, and haul away the treasure for himself.Despite not being "pure Howard", this is an excellent story and can easily stand beside his original works with its head held high.This edition is enlivened by the illustrations of Esteban Moroto, though why he draws the Picts in the form of Papuans escapes me.