Breakfast at Tiffany's: A Short Novel and Three Stories (Modern Library)

Breakfast at Tiffany's: A Short Novel and Three Stories - Truman Capote Breakfast at Tiffany's is, of course, the star of the show in this slim volume of short stories. Breakfast is a gem and you can read here many other reviews more eloquent than any wot I could write.The other stories I'd never heard of, never mind having read, before, but they're also engaging reads.House of Flowers, is set on a Caribbean island and the central character, Ottilie, has some resemblance to Holly Golightly: a country girl who is attracted to the lights of the big (relatively) city, breaks off links with her family and settles into a hedonistic lifestyle, albeit of a seedier kind. There the correspondences end, as Ottilie is drawn back to her old life, much to the bemusement and disgust of her city friends. I thought Ottilie's attitude to life rather selfishly materialistic at first, but I came to think that as long as she's happy, that's enough for her, whatever her station, which was rather naïvely charming.A Diamond Guitar is a prison story, about the relationship between an institutionalised older prisoner and a new inmate, a free-spirited young man. I liked this one for not falling into a stereotypical "prison life is hard and the warders are monsters" cliché. Capote's interest is in the people and how their actions affect each other.The last story, A Christmas Memory, is also a story about age and youth, this time a bitter-sweet memoir of a young girl and an old woman, two outsiders in a large Mid-Western family who find companionship and familial love in a household that otherwise seems indifferent their existences. The story is told from the now grown-up girl's viewpoint, looking back on her childhood. A beautifully fond reminiscence.