The Small Assassin

The Small Assassin - Ray Bradbury The first story in this collection is the title story and it is really creepy! A mother nearly die in childbirth and develops the delusion that her new-born baby is trying to murder her - but is it a delusion?The other stories are a mixture of psychological horror, chillers and "tales of the unexpected". Bradbury successfully conjures up images of stifling small-town America and fever-dreams that are sometimes reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe. There is also in many of the stories a rye and macbare humour. There are images and atmospheres in these stories that will definitely stay with me.I particularly like the title story and also The Crowd, about a man haunted by a near-death experience, The Man Upstairs, which has a nicely comic-horror twist and The Cistern, a small Poe-like jewel of madness.