A Maze of Death

A Maze of Death - Philip K. Dick As usual, PKD plays with his characters', and his readers', perceptions of reality. Written from the points-of-view from several characters, neither they nor we are really sure which, if any of them, is experiencing what is actually happening.A group of strangers dissatisfied with their former lives are transported to a colony world in one-way spaceships with a promise of finding fulfillment. Depending on what information can be believed, the colony has been set up by God, ultra-intelligent aliens, Earth's military forces or as a psychological experiment.All of the characters distrust each other and, one-by-one, they are dying, being murdered or taking their own lives. Is this the work of an outside agency, or is one or more members of the group responsible?Some answers are given at the end, but more questions posed. Well, you wouldn't want it given to you on a plate, would you?